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Shishkanov Oleg

Deputy Director for Energy Audit and Management, Nexia Pacioli Consulting

MS from the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science with a degree in Pressure Metall Treatment with thesis topic: “Foundations of Thermal Engineering”

PhD from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with doctoral thesis “Thermal Power Stations, systems and machinery”.

Received further education from the “State Academy for Retraining and Advanced Training”, HSE for senior management in investment industry, specializing in “Project planning of internal and external electrical power supply networks, low current systems, dispatching control, automatization and management of the engineering systems”.

He is a certified auditor in internal quality control for management systems.

Joined Nexia Pacioli Group of Companies in 2011.

Professional focus:
  • Energy assessment of companies
  • Technical expertise in energy supply and consumption
  • Training of maintenance of staff in energy saving and optimized energy efficiency
  • Computational and Experimental Research for optimization of boiler equipment usage in thermal power stations.

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