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The individual scholarship system was established in 2016 by Nexia Pacioli for the bachelor of economics students of the Moscow State University. The purpose of the program is the identification and the encouragement of hard working and gifted students who excelled in studies of various industries of the economy. We provide financial assistance to create a talent pool of prospective employees.

Luka Pacioli's scholarships were established by Nexia Pacioli Group in 2016.

The goal of this program is to identify and encourage active and gifted students who have shown special success in studying the issues of various sectors of the economy, as well as creating a pool of young professionals for the local market.

The scholarships award is conducted on a competitive basis. Luca Pacioli scholarships recipients are students of the 4th year study of the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University.

We are happy to provide support for the talented students in achieving their ambitious goals. We hope that it will encourage scholarship students to build careers in accounting, audit and consulting and they will enrich our profession and may even join our team.

Svetlana Romanova graduated from the faculty of economics, MSU, CEO Nexia Pacioli Group of Companies

We sincerely wish the success to all candidates!

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