Our milestones

It takes time to grow, no company is born to be big at once. A small company grows into a solid corporation, a risky start-up becomes the industry leader. We likewise have started small and with great satisfaction and pleasure recall the path we covered to become the Nexia Pacioli of today.


The company was established as Pacioli. Accounting company LLC taking its name after Luka Pacioli - the great Italian mathematician.


The company became a member of the Nexia International - a leading, global network of independent accounting and consulting firms.


We acquired license to conduct appraisal works, consequently we experienced intensive growth in this field.


The company was among the first to receive The Certificate of Quality in Audit Services from the Institute of Professional Auditors (IPAR).

Foundation of Pacioli. Land Law LLC.


Creation of the Nexia CIS - a regional network of Nexia International which united local accounting companies across Russia and CIS.


The company expanded the spectrum of services beyond the audit and appraisals. That expansion has led to the establishment of Nexia Consulting LLC.

Based on 2004 yearly results Pacioli Group for the first time entered the list of the top-15 largest accounting and consulting firms in Russia.


The company was granted permission to add Nexia to the company name to mark its affiliation with one of the largest and respected international accounting and consulting network. The company name was changed to Nexia Pacioli.

In that year the company started a partnership with the Tretyakov Art Gallery as a member of the Society of Friends of the Tretyakov Gallery.


Based on the survey results conducted by the World Bank, Nexia Pacioli LLC was recognized as accredited auditor in financial reporting for the projects financed by the World Bank.


Beginning of our partnership with the Vnesheconombank (VEB) for feasibility studies in the assessment of financial health and business performance for a number of companies, listed in the Russian Government Decree for the State Issued Guarantees in bank loan procurement.


We launched a project at the The State Atomic Energy Corporation that laid foundation to the new line of consulting services - Intellectual property (IP) management for companies and organizations.


The first project in non-financial reporting - the public yearly integrated report for the JSC TVEL in compliance with the requirement and guidelines for the reporting in sustainable development - GRI international standard of the integrated reporting as well as in compliance with AA1000 standard.

Same year - our first project in construction audit and evaluation.


Nexia Pacioli introduced new services: Audit of the Sustainable Development Programs and non-financial reporting.

The University of Pacioli for University graduates was established based on the audit department.

Nexia Pacioli’s CEO Svetlana Romanova joined the Council on Appraisals in the Russian Ministry of the Economic Development.


Following Nexia International brand transformation, Nexia Pacioli Group of Companies have adopted a new brand look and style.

The Executive body of the Council on Audit recommended Nexia International to be listed in Russia as the international accounting network.


Entered top-10 list as the 7th largest company based on the 2016 evaluation of the leading accounting and consulting companies issued by RAEX https://raexpert.ru

Nexia Pacioli group announces the foundation of personal grants named after Luka Pacioli to undergraduate students of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University.