The investment consulting

The business plan is an integral part of the document package for the project proposal submitted to a bank or to a private investor.

The purpose of the business-plan - is to secure investment for completion of the project.

We provide our clients with efficient business planning, that includes:

  • Technological and Economic feasibility studies that determine the efficiency of the proposed plan/project
  • Feasibility evaluation of the project’s efficiency and sustainability
  • The assessment of the budgetary and the macroeconomic factors concerning the efficiency of the project

The scope of work:

  • Operational and overall industry analysis by market segments to determine and justify production/supply quantities, establish pricing for products & services
  • We create business blueprint for production and sales
  • We analyze main supply chains through cost-quality lenses focusing on the suppliers of the equipment and raw materials
  • Risk analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Profit and loss estimates for project in mid-term and long-term
  • Schedule for loan financing
  • Template Design for estimate reporting
  • Calculation of KPI


  • Design and development, project maintenance for business-plans in all industries matching criterias set by private investors and banks
  • Expert evaluation of the in the investment projects (business-plans)
  • The asset management efficiency analysis for optimal performance
  • The design and development of specialized market surveys
Ivanov Aleksander
Ivanov Aleksander
Deputy CEO of Nexia Pacioli Consulting
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