Nexia network

The key development milestone for Nexia Pacioli was its accession into the Nexia International network of independent accounting and consulting firms in 1996. According to the latest International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) World Survey, the network remains among the top 10 major global accounting networks, as measured by fee income.

Nexia International:

  • US$4 bn Income

  • 250 companies

  • In 115+ countries

Nexia network recognition in both national and international markets is achieved through the shared commitment to a common set of values: 

Our clients

Providing truly global reach to local specialist advice in a cost effective manner
Ensuring consistency, quality and service excellence
Delivering customised solutions through an attentive, proactive and partner-led approach

Our members

Fostering strong collaborative bonds between firms
Sharing access to leading best practice and technical resources
Creating an environment in which professionals can develop and flourish

Our stakeholders

Acting ethically and transparently
Playing an active role in our local communities
Managing our impact on the environment

Nexia International is a highly active network that drives quality and facilitates collaboration to enable its member firms to provide effective local and global solutions.

Nexia firms are focused on supporting local businesses as they grow and through the Nexia International network, they can also help their clients confidently venture into new international markets.

The regional strategy of Nexia Pacioli is aimed at creating the domestic network of accounting and consulting firms in regions of Russia, using Nexia International system as a guiding principle.

In 2003 Nexia Pacioli united representatives of the Nexia network in Russia and CIS under a brand name «Nexia CIS».

Currently Nexia CIS  – is an umbrella group of Nexia International, uniting companies in Russia.

High level of services of Nexia CIS is ensured by availability of highly skilled specialists, modern technologies and a system of internal quality standards, developed on the basis of use of combined experience of Nexia International members.