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Every business requires timely and accurate financial analysis. We offer you professional auditors to handle this task. Audit - is an an independent verification of financial reporting, which certifies authenticity of your numbers. The main purpose of the audit is to reinforce confidence in accuracy of financial reporting. Our audit services include financial reviews, non financial audit/verification of data/information, implementation of reconciliation procedures, compilation (transformation) of financial information.

Business affairs should be conducted in well-organized order, thus all the relevant information can be obtained without delay.
Luka Pacioli “Tractatus mathematicus ad discipulos perusinos”, 1478

Nexia Pacioli employs highly experienced professionals. We provide services for national and international companies for over 23 years. Our internal quality control oversight insures professional integrity and guarantees the highest levels of service customized to specific client’s needs.

We have a license from the Federal Security Service (FSB) to work with classified information designated “Top Secret”.


  • Audit and Financial Reporting Review

  • Audit of financial reports based on special rules

  • Audit of non-financial data&information

  • Reconciliation procedures

  • Compilation of financial information

Additional Services:

  • Our consulting services for Accounting and Tax reporting include advisory work on accounting policies. We design working chart of accounts for bookkeeping. We also create customized instruction manuals for our clients

  • Consulting services for upgrade and development of accounting systems:

    • Allocation and Implementation of integrated corporate accounting systems based on a universal standards either for the entire accounting systems or for specific elements (fixed assets, accounts receivable, etc.)
    • We create a singular, integrated working chart of accounts for bookkeeping with instruction manuals for holdings, thus our clients can build analytics based on single universal format
    • We design unified principles of accounting policies - the core documentation on methods of conduct that regulates accounting for all enterprises within a holding
    • We build and implement singular, integrated methodology for management of accounting given specific needs of holding’s structure/specialisation
    • We create all relevant documentation for tax reporting (Russian Accounting Regulations, 18/02)
    • We help you to reduce time on reporting - Fast Close
Komissarova Olga
Komissarova Olga
Director of Audit Department
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