Due diligence

Our due diligence services include comprehensive approach based on modern methods of business surveys and evaluation. We deliver end-to-end understanding of the business and company’s financial condition.

We recommend due diligence in these cases

  • Purchase/Sale of the company
  • Investment appeal assessment
  • IPO
  • M&A
  • Joint-venture
  • Loans
  • Reliability of the business partner

Specific goals

  • Identification of the the existing business risks and how they will affect operations
  • Provide the investor with the following information:
    • factual financial and operation activities of the asset chosen for investment (what does the company actually do);
    • financial and tax related risk in quantifiable amount (how much can specific risks cost you in damages);
    • risks assessment of the potential asset loss or the business collapse/hostile takeover/forfeit/bankruptcy;
    • the real market value of the business vs the asking price;
    • cashflow survey and capability to sustain net profit.

What we do during Due Diligence

  • Legal assessment
  • Financial evaluation
  • Taxation review
  • Valuations

The Independent assessment we conduct includes

  • Forensic financial review
  • Independent review of the state-run programs
  • Investment programs and business plans efficiency review
  • Long-term development program review, strategic planning and road map assessments

Vinogradov Vladimir
Vinogradov Vladimir
Deputy Director for Management and Financial Advisory Department, Nexia Pacioli Consulting
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