Would you like to improve your business performance and attract excellent partners and clients via lucrative business deals? The path to success starts with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Implementing IFRS significantly simplifies business transactions between domestic companies and international partners, clients; IFRS allows Russian corporations to conduct IPO, operate on stock markets and to gain new investments, conduct management of accounting in a more precise, refined manner.

Our experts from the international financial reporting division of the “Nexia Pacioli” provide services in initial stages of accounting planning,preparation, audit and transformation of financial reporting in accordance with IFRS and will be happy to answer any questions regarding IFRS.


  • At first, we assess your company to develop the optimal financial reporting methods under IFRS and US GAAP standards
  • We transform your existing accounting reports for domestic use in Russia and transform them into international financial reports in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP standards
  • We conduct planning and preparation of the consolidated financial reporting
  • Financial reporting audit under IFRS and US GAAP standards
  • Audit of the Publicly Listed Companies with publicly traded shares on US Stock Exchanges (SEC, NASDAQ)
  • Establishing parallel synchronous accounting under IFRS standard via cutting edge software
  • Planning and preparation of reporting under IFRS standards matching the reporting of the foreign mother company/holding
Komissarova Olga
Komissarova Olga
Director of Audit Department
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