Land law consulting

Land law consulting

Pacioli Land Law LLC was established in 2002. It provides full spectrum of legal services in land tenure for legal entities in Russia.

The key success ingredient of Pacioli Land Law LLC is our professional team.

Our experts had many years of experience providing services for domestic and international companies.


  • Legal expertise and due diligence on constitutive and entitlement confirmation documents for land and real estate
  • Legal support for business transactions: sale and purchase, transfer of land ownership rights, registration of constitutive and entitlement confirmation documents
  • Legal assistance in rights acquisitions for the land use for industrial purposes, energy related infrastructure, transportation and for other purposes
  • Cadastral works for real-estate properties, preparatory works for geodesic surveys and demarcation planning
  • Land-use planning for land development objects (national land register, exclusive zoning etc.)
  • We draft contracts for purchase and sale, rent, servitudes of permanent easement for land or real-estate usage rights
  • Cost estimation for the land, verification and optimization of payments.Contestation of cadastral valuation
  • We solve non-conventional problems in real-estate, including legalization of buildings and litigation
  • We design and draft by-laws in land ownership relations for our clients, we provide legal protection and provide organizational consulting support services

Andrey Zelenin
Director of Land-Ownership Department
+7 (495) 640-64-52

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