Intellectual property services

Intellectual property services


The ability to turn knowledge, know-how into products and services with high demand is the key to success in competitive high-tech markets.

A mistake at any stage of the IP creation, it’s operational strategy and legal protection can foil all your efforts and will result in the loss of your investments in the research and development.

In order to be confident in the security of your intellectual property, please consult with our experts.


  • Design and development of of legal and management strategies for your IP

  • Patent surveys and scope of it’s protection, liabilities

  • Design,Development, Operational Planning and Scheduling for IP management systems

  • Design and development of regulatory documents and instruction manuals in IP management systems

  • We create functional requirements for the design and development of information management systems of the IP

  • IP diagnostics and inventory control

    • Inventory accounting and identification of RIA/IPR from R&D results

    • Identification and indexation of critical technologies

    • Creation of specialized industry catalogs segmented by technologies

  • Creation of specialized industry catalogs segmented by technologies

  • Decompilation/Segmentation of the index of critical technologies based on it’s RIA/IPR

  • Design and implementation of technologies for identification and preservation of the critical knowledge

  • Legal evaluation of the intellectual activities (Due Diligence)

  • Structuring and sequencing IP management business deals

  • Development of contracts for IP management rights

  • Valuation/Cost Control consulting

  • Intangible Assets valuation

  • Consulting services on Taxation and Accounting for IP

Nexia Pacioli Consulting LLC was our consultant in identification of key intellectual property assets involved in international commerce and it’s legal protection in Russia and abroad. One of the key tasks was to develop legal protection strategy for the intellectual property used by the State Corporation “ROSATOM” in it’s international operations. Nexia Pacioli Consulting LLC proved itself as a knowledgeable and experienced company in the field of IP, it demonstrated deep understanding of the scientific and technological specifics involved in operations of high-tech companies. ROSATOM State Corporation

Barshay Irina
Barshay Irina
Deputy CEO for Legal Affairs
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