Sustainable Development Consulting

Sustainable Development Consulting
Recently, issues of sustainable development and ESG have been in the focus of attention not only of environmentalists and non-profit organizations, but also of investors, analysts, stock exchanges, rating agencies, suppliers and partners. They expect from companies not formal availability of sustainability reports or press releases on charity, but working policies in the areas of environmental protection, supply chains and human rights, assessment of climate and social risks, as well as target KPIs to reduce negative impacts. This information allows stakeholders to assess the performance and sustainability of the company in order to make investment, loan or partnership decisions. In order for a company to be able to respond to ever-increasing information requests, it is necessary to have a functioning sustainability management system.
Creating a management system for aspects of sustainable development requires experience, specific knowledge and understanding of current trends. We have a team of specialists capable of providing consulting support on the development of both a general management system in the field of sustainable development, and its individual elements.


• Development and implementation of a sustainable development management system, including the development of a sustainable development strategy / policy and related KPIs

• Development of regulatory documents in the field of sustainable development (policies, codes, etc.)

• Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the existing sustainable development management system

• Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of programs in the field of sustainable development

• Assessment of the company's contribution to the achievement of the UN SDGs

• Assessment of the socio-economic and environmental impact of the company

• Consulting in the field of environmental and climate risk management (model development and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and removals, determination of the carbon footprint of products)

• Consulting in the field of working with sustainable supply chains

• Consulting on participation in ESG-ratings

• Consulting on the application of the ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility

• Consulting on stakeholder engagement

• Conducting seminars / trainings on sustainable development for employees / partners

• Reporting in the field of sustainable development (for more details, see the section "Non-financial reporting")
Emelyanova Yuliya
Emelyanova Yuliya
Deputy CEO of Nexia Pacioli
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