Energy audit and management

The sustainable development of business is based on many factors. We focus on efficient and rational use of energy. We deliver well balanced energy management solutions through audit. Often times business innovation and modernisation begins with the energy saving upgrades in:

  • systematic approach in design and implementation of energy saving and the enhancement of efficiency
  • enhancing energy saving management systems and improving overall efficiency
  • evaluation of the energy production/consumption with subsequent integration of energy-efficient technologies

The main tasks in the energy efficiency assessment and the energy audit are:

  • energy usage data acquisition and verification
  • defining energy KP
  • determining the energy saving and efficiency enhancement potential
  • design and implementation of a plan of actions for energy saving and performance enhancement, followed by the estimation of costs

We offer:

  • Energy usage assessment with infrared imaging heat signature analysis.We certify buildings/constructions

  • Design and implementation of various energy saving and energy efficiency enhancements

  • Basic and Advanced training for specialists in energy saving

  • Design and implementation of heat supply systems
  • Certified technical evaluation for arbitration courts
  • Design and implementation, pre-works for management certification in energy saving and efficiency under ISO 50001:2011 standard

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