Construction expertize

Construction expertize

The key task of any construction project is the successful completion on time, within budget and project plans.

The quality of construction works does not always match the cost (value for money).

The expert assessment provides transparency in construction management and capital investment, allows to optimize and reduce project cost.

We eliminate risks:

  • overbilling, when the actual cost of construction is less than invoice
  • violation of project’s technical standards,requirements, laws and regulations
  • construction schedule violation
  • the unacceptable quality of works which can cause problems during the commissioning stage of the building and can endanger the safety of it’s occupants
  • the risk of unjustified construction costs
  • the risk of unjustified budget increase for the investment project

Key statistics

  • In 2016 over 119 investment projects in Russia had fin-tech audits.

  • During the construction stage $1 spent on fin-tech audit deliver 80 times the value on cost saving.

  • The overall cost reduction value due to fin-tech audit in 2016 ranged from 3,6 % - 10% of investment.

  • The largest cost-reduction delivered through fin-tech audit based on Front End Engineering Design and Survey in 2014-2016 totalled 12,3% investment budget savings (7.8 Billion Russian Roubles).


  • Construction control
  • Fin-Tech audit
  • Tech-cost audit
  • Assessment of project’s design and budgeting
  • Monitoring of the investment project
  • Judicially Appointed Independent Technical and Construction Assessment
Kharisov Ilnur
Kharisov Ilnur
Head of financial, technical and construction audit for Consulting and Valuation Department
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