Non financial reporting

Non financial reporting

Business transparency is considered to be one of the most important factors affecting global market development. It is essential for improving investment prospects of businesses and their competitive advantages.

Public Non Financial Reporting is a major factor in business transparency.

Public Report, is a key marketing and PR instrument, a benchmark of the highest management standards with direct positive influence on investment appeal.

Public Reports may be presented in various formats:

  • Sustainability

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Environmental

  • Annual and Integrated

Non Financial Public Reports are usually published by the companies seeking to demonstrate high transparency and responsibility and giving due consideration to stakeholders and community demands.

The production of high quality public report is a process that requires professional training, experience and specific knowledge. We employ a team of professionals who have over 7 years experience in this field. Our experts provide professional as well as individual and innovative approach to creation of public reports.

We are ready and eager to create HIGH QUALITY and UNIQUE report about your company’s activities.


  • Annual reports for joint-stock and public companies
  • Sustainable development reports, based on Global Reporting InitiativeSstandards (GRI)
  • Integrated reports based on International Integrated Reporting Framework
  • Non-Financial Audit (assurance) of public reports with criteria set forth by the GRI, AA1000APS, etc. Audit is based on ISAE 3000 and AA1000AS standards
  • We design the public reporting system for our clients which helps to plan and prepare different public reports according to the company’s needs
  • We provide guidance on implementation of Social Responsibility under ISO 26000:2010 standard
  • We analyze and assess the efficiency of corporate social programs
  • We audit the overall health of the corporate social responsibility system
  • We facilitate and moderate the dialogue with stakeholders

Nexia Pacioli LLC provided guidance for PJSC MTS in creation of Sustainable Development Reports in 2015 and 2016. According to our client’s testimonials for our work: “During our engagement with Nexia Pacioli’s experts from their Consulting Division have demonstrated in depth understanding of international standards of non financial reporting with regards to unique Russian business environment, demonstrated high aptitude, smooth communication skills and creative problem solving approach. We hope that our business partnership will continue and expand” PJSC MTS

Emelyanova Yuliya
Emelyanova Yuliya
Deputy CEO of Nexia Pacioli
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