Consulting services for governments and state-owned corporations

The experts estimate that in mid-term future the government sector will remain as a major client of the consulting services. The demand will be generated by the state run priority programs: Development of high-tech industrial technologies, Intellectual Property Management, Innovative Development Programs, Digital economy projects. The development and integration of modern management technologies and systems at all levels of governance will be in high demand.

Our company provides services for the government sectors in these main areas:

  • Participation in design,development and maintenance of the the state-run programs, the federal special purpose programmes, regional socio-economic development programs
  •  We design, develop and maintain concepts, strategies and complex development programs
  •  We provide independent expert evaluation of the efficiency in the state-run programs and in the federal special purpose programmes

Parfenova Tatyana
Parfenova Tatyana
Deputy CEO of Nexia Pacioli Consulting
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