Charity and volunteering

Participation in charity initiatives is not only an opportunity to help those in need, but also an opportunity for all of us to make this world a little better, more soulful and kinder.

Family and children

Даунсайдап 320х215.jpg Helping children is a priority of the company's social activities. We cooperate with charitable foundations financially and by offering pro-bono legal and consulting services.

Charitable organizations:

 Podari life - for children with oncohematological and other serious diseases.

The charitable foundation of Konstantin Khabensky provides aid to children with oncological and other severe diseases of the brain.

The charitable foundation Our children helps orphans or those without help and care of their parents.

Downside Up  foundation - charitable organization charitable organization that improves quality of life for children with the Down Syndrome.

Culture and Arts

Support for culture, preservation and revival of Russia's national values and spiritual heritage is part of the company's social program.

tretyak.jpgOur long-time and beloved partner is The State Tretyakov Gallery. Its founder Pavel Tretyakov was a gifted entrepreneur who was able not only to multiply the wealth of his family business but also use it wisely. Our participation in the acquisition and restoration of significant cultural objects of the Tretyakov Gallery is a sign of sincere love for art and the desire to share it with others.

parizh.jpgThe art collection assembled in Nexia Pacioli office has become part of our company and belongs to its corporate culture. We have been engaged in the creation of this collection for two decades. Thus, we support contemporary Russian artists.


13Sept.jpgFor bachelor program student of the Moscow State University Nexia Pacioli offers the Luka Pacioli scholarship.

The goal of this program is to identify and encourage active and gifted students who have shown special success in studying the issues of various sectors of the economy, as well as creating a pool of young professionals for the local market. 


donor3.jpgNexia Pacioli’s corporate volunteering program focuses on making a difference in lives of people who need help. We encourage the interest in company’s volunteering activities among our staff and support their initiatives in this field.